­Parish Activities 

There is a small choir which sings at the 11am Mass on Sundays.
Currently there is no Choir Mistress as she has left after over 35 years of service.
A volunteer has come forward to play a keyboard at the 11am Mass.
The Choir are sometimes asked to sing at Weddings and Funerals.

The flowers are purchased ready arranged as a general rule.
They are bought approximately every three weeks.
There is a box for donations for flowers in the Lady Chapel.
There are normally two collections a year towards the cost of the flowers.
These are usually for Christmas and Easter.
Two ladies water the arrangements and look after them.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society
There are three members who meet every two weeks. There is a President and Secretary who acts as the treasurer as well.
One member visits Bethany House every week, which is a home for the elderly.
The President visits Boldmere Nursing Home on a weekly basis.
The Secretary visits someone in Aldridge and at St Chad’s
They have taken seven of the residents of Bethany House on two occasions to a garden centre. They were given some money to spend there. They were also given a Santa Surprise a bag of sweets at Christmas time.

APF the Red Mission Boxes
There are between 70 and 80 Box Holders at the moment. The number fluctuates as people take up the boxes or stop having one. £2,700pa was collected over the last few years.

There is a Readers’ Rota for the Saturday and Sunday Masses. The readers have an initial practice before they read at Mass.

Extraordinary Ministers of The Eucharist       
There is a rota for the Saturday and Sunday Masses. Most of the ministers have been for training to Maryvale. When it has not been possible to go then I have given them the rationale and training to be Eucharist Ministers.

Baptism Preparation
This takes place on the 3rd Friday of the month. The parents make an appointment with me and are given a preparatory leaflet to read before they attend. At the meeting the Sacrament is discussed a date is given for the Presentation and a date agreed for the Baptism. A baptism form is given for them to complete and hand to Father Joyce.

First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Preparation
These classes run on a Saturday morning beginning in January for children who do not attend our parish school. In previous years I have photocopied from a textbook and stuck the worksheets in an exercise book for the children to use. This year I am using workbooks instead. I have purchased the resources from the Cathedral Bookshop. There are usually about 16 lessons.   Have used lessons from the internet for older pupils.

Texts used “Jesus Comes to Me” by Dora Nash.

Currently using “Called To His Supper” an “Making Things Right” by Jeannine Timko Leichner

Internet site used Societas Doctrinae Christinae www.sdc.me.uk

Confirmation Preparation
These classes also run on a Saturday morning. I use a combination of textbooks to prepare pupils to receive the Sacrament. I have also printed off a course from the internet for older pupils. There are about 9 lessons.

Resources used   “Confirmed in the Faith” by Dora Nash and “Gifted in the Spirit” by Maryvale. Internet site used Societas Doctrinae Christinae www.sdc.me.uk 

Instructions for Future Converts
These classes are usually held on a Thursday evening but can be arranged to suit individual needs. There are about 34 lessons divided into four sections;
The Creed,
The Sacraments,
The Commandments and Prayer Life.

have used various websites especially;
the realpresence.org/essentials

The New Jerusalem Bible
The Catechism of the Catholic Church
A Simple Prayer Book
The classes have been running since the 30th April 2009